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What’s the blog about?

I am writing a blog over prisons. My blog will describe prison overpopulation, life in prison and life after prison. Throughout the semester I would like to address the issue of prison overcrowding, prison escapes, life in prison- the conditions, and what happens after a inmate is released. What is it like for the inmate to get back into civilian life and it is within a reasonable time span that a released prison inmate can maintain a “normal lifestyle.” I want to tie together the idea that due to overcrowding a lot of issues are arising within the prison system. During this semester I will also address Women incarceration and specifically the effect it has on WV. The prison system is tricky and a lot of it is corrupt and with my research I want to pull facts out and relate them to todays issues.

I found these few links to be very resourceful in information on prisons and lifestyle, https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/pie2019.html



Who Am I?

My name is Adison Ammons and I am a senior Strategic Communications major. I am minoring in communication, event planning, and business. This semester I am working with the Mountaineer mascot program as the coordinator. I have spent the past 2 years working in the Mountainlair with University Relations and Sonja Wilson. My interest for my blog is not something that I study daily or really at all inside the classroom but an interest outside. Prison and prison life is something that I have enjoyed reading about and learning about as I have grown up. I am looking forward to sharing news and stories with you about the prison system as a whole.

Contact handles:

Twitter: @adisonammons16

Instagram: @adison_elizabethhh

Email: adisonammons@gmail.com