Kim Kardashian West Here For the People

Kim Kardashian West has made it her goal while on this journey in law school to help people that are in prison.

Kim Kardashian West has helped free 17 federal prisoners in the last three months.

West Full White House Speech

Kardashian West has a platform as an influencer so her mission to save people is only shinning the light about the prison system.

She has used their reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to broadcast what a difference she is really making.

During season 15 KUWTK showed a special reunion between kim and one of the inmates who she helped.

Later in the episode, when Kardashian went to visit the newly freed Johnson in her hometown, Memphis, Johnson spoke to West through his wife’s phone and thanked him for his efforts. “You played a big role in this,” she said, “so thank you.”

Kardashian West is so passionate about these issues and really wants to help the people.

She felt compelled to do better and step up. She always remembered her dad helping people and this made her want to do better.

Robert Kardashian’s legacy lives on in Kim Kardashian in ways besides the strong sense of self-worth that he instilled in her. His dedication to the pursuit of justice has enabled her to take on a whole new direction in life.

Why is Kim becoming a Lawyer?

Criminal Justice Reform is one of Kardashian Wests passions and she will continue to work toward her goal of helping the American people while maintaining her image as “Kim Kardashian.”

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