Violence is Right Around the Corner

Cyntoia Brown-Long looked at her time in prison as a moment to reflect and then give back to the community after her experience.

Brown-Long, 31, spent 15 years in prison after she was convicted of first-degree murder of Johnny Allen, a 43-year-old real estate agent, in 2004.

Brown-Long was forced into prostitution because of her “pimp” and was a victim of sex trafficking.

‘This is my boyfriend.’ And that’s exactly what I thought with Kut. I thought, ‘This is my boyfriend. I’m in a relationship. I’m his Bonnie, he’s my Clyde,’” Brown-Long said.

She thinks that sharing her story is what really is going to help the next girl who needs help in this situation.

Faith is what freed me and for a while, you know, I got lost. I became angry with the Lord,” Cyntoia said. “The prison I come from, the physical prisons, they aren’t the only prisons that people find themselves in and he can free you from all that.”

Cyntoia Brown-Long

The system is full of many different people but realizing that an inmate can have a positive effect while behind bars is life altering.

Redemption is for everyone and everyone can attain that. There are many women who are still doing this, who are still having that journey right now and they’re still stuck on the inside”

This journey of positivity behind bars is a road less traveled. An inmate simply acting upon opportunities while in the system and speaking out after their sentence might change the stigma about prisons.

What if more people were positive behind bars and had the mentality to better one another while in the system?

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